GeForce GTX 760 to be Nvidia's Last Graphics SKU for 2013?

The folks over at WCCF Tech have shown a leaked slide from Nvidia, and according to this, Nvidia won't be launching any more GTX 700 series discrete desktop graphics cards throughout 2013 after the release of the GTX 760.Image source: WCCF TechImage source: WCCF Tech

The slide shows the lineup of products for May, June, and Fall 2013. The lineup for June is exactly identical to that of Fall 2013. The top graphics cards for these two are the GTX Titan, the GTX 780, the GTX 770, and the GTX 760, ordered from most to less powerful. The slide clearly shows the GTX 760 replacing the GTX 660 Ti. The GTX 670 doesn't appear in the slide, even though its performance lies between that of the GTX 660 Ti and the GTX 770.

While this may be disappointing to some enthusiasts out there, it does show that Nvidia is confident in its current lineup of graphics cards. The good news is that for anyone who still has recently bought a GTX 660 or lower, they need not fear that their card will be outdated soon. It will be good for at least another six months, and there is no indication yet as to what will happen early 2014.

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  • Amdlova
    lol... maybe i flash mine 670 to 760ti and buy a new one to do sli.
  • Martell1977
    So the 700 series looks to be less of a product refresh and just nVidia spreading out the performance tiers a bit. The 680 through the 660ti were pretty tight in performance so this makes a lot of sense. When rumors of a cut down GK110 surfaced I wondered how they were going to fit it into the naming scheme, this "partial refresh" allowed them to fit it in without further deviation. There really isn't much reason for them to change the whole lineup, except maybe to cleanup the naming scheme.

    Wonder how long after the Radeon 8k series drops the GeForce 800 series will surface. They definitely made it harder for AMD to match/surpass their cards at each price/performance tier.
  • nitrium
    I don't buy it. What will nVidia do with all the GTX 670 cores they are surely still manufacturing? IMO the GTX 760Ti is a sure thing (i.e. a rebadged GTX 670).