Nvidia to Launch Intel-based MCP7A IGP Chipset in August

Nvidia is planning to start mass producing its latest Intel platform IGP chipset, the GeForce 9-Series mGPU - nForce 730i MCP (MCP7A), in the middle of August with motherboards likely to appear in the market by early September, according to sources at motherboard makers.

The MCP7A will come in two versions, the MCP7A-U with a GeForce 9400 graphics core and the MCP7A-S with GeForce 9300 graphics.

More here at Digitimes.

  • kenyee
    Haha. Bet they won't be available until more like December. I made the mistake of waiting for the 7150 which was renamed to the 780U then killed off because of heat issues and being killed in performance compared to AMD's 780G. Even the 6150 wasn't really available until 2-3 months after "release".
    I like nvidia chipsets better for Linux too so it's not like I'm an ATI/AMD fanboy :-P
  • phatboe
    Too bad it doesn't look like NVidia will be producing chipsets for Intel's Nehalem based CPUs. This might be NVidia's last Intel chipset unless the two companies can make some kind of agreement soon.
  • kelfen
    Intel has a big advantage now
  • warezme
    Uh, no, Nvidia has already scored contracts for the Intel QPI license to make Nehalem boards in exchange for Nforce 200 chipset on Intel Boards. Its a compromise but that means they will continue to create boards for the upcoming Nehalem. This is not the last Intel board design for them.
  • goonting
    meaning Intel boards can Crossfire SLI
  • dragunover
    I'm all for the companies sharing technology and such.More goodies,for us,the consumers,the better.