OCZ Issues Destructive Firmware for Octane Speed Increase

OCZ Technology has provided a firmware update (V 1.13) to provide a performance increase with its Octane SSD series drives. OCZ states that the firmware provides a significant improvement in random write 4K performance (double the performance on some capacities) over the current firmware (V 1.12).

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Header Cell - Column 0 Random Write 4K IOPSFirmware V 1.12Random Write 4K IOPSFirmware V 1.13
Octane 128 GB7,70018,000
Octane 256 GB12,00025,000
Octane 512 GB16,00026,000

In discussions with OCZ Technology, it is important to know that this is a "destructive" firmware update on the Octane drive, meaning the drive will be empty after the flash. OCZ recommends end users to make an image of the drive, boot off of a spare drive, flash the Octane, then image back to the Octane. End users may choose to do a fresh install of their OS and programs instead of utilizing an drive image.

The new enhanced IOPS firmware will begin shipping in the next batch of drives to resellers, and the firmware upgrade is available to existing customers via the company's website.  

  • AznCracker
    lol i thought the firmware made the ssd explode.
  • jacobdrj
    Umm, wow. Good job OCZ... Now, find a way to reduce the occurring of failure under 1 year for your Vertex drives, and you will be speed kings and be usable in mission critical situations...
  • Me too XD
  • nevertell
    Customer support at it's best.
  • knekker
    Just sensational headline wording by Tomshardware.
  • JohnnyLucky
    "destructive firmware"

    I couldn't help but laugh at the phrase because of all the problems OCZ has experienced.
  • mrkdilkington
  • willard
    To the people complaining about the use of the word destructive, that's actually a common usage of the word in the technical world. And in this case, the wording came from OCZ themselves.

    From OCZ's page:
    WARNING: This is a Destructive Flash, back up all data on SSD. Proceeding with this update will result in complete loss of data on the SSD.
  • freggo
    reinstall OS and all software I guess... way too much trouble. I'd rather leave it alone until the next upgrade is due anyway. Than I'd delete the drive, upgrade the firmware and use it as a spare or something.
  • pjmelect
    Thats a huge speed increase I wonder why the original firmware was so slow?