OCZ reveals the PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III Series PSUs

The Silencer Mk III is the first time the Silencer series will offer a modular design (not full modular though). The Mk III uses a single +12V rail with 100 percent Japanese 105°C capacitors. Mk III offers continuous output at a demanding 50°C ambient temperature, while maintaining 80 Plus Bronze-level efficiency up to 85 percent at typical loads. (A review of the Silencer Mk III can be found at HardwareHeaven.com, which they rated the Mk III a 9/10.) 

The Silencer Mk III Series is available in 400W, 500W, and 600W models, and comes backed with a leading five year warranty. The Silencer Mk III Series features:  

  • 400W to 600W Continuous @ 50C
  • Available in 400W, 500W, and 600W Configurations
  • Dual-GPU Ready
  • 80-Plus Bronze Certified (85% Efficiency); .98 Active PFC
  • 120mm double ball-bearing fan
  • Up to 90% (10dB) Less Noise per Watt
  • +12VDC @54A (Powerful Single Rail)
  • Premium Components with 100% Japanese 105°C Capacitors
  • Modular Cabling Design
  • Automatic Fan Speed Control Circuit
  • 5-Year Warranty and Tech Support

"This is the first modular PC Power PSU and we spent extra time and resources to make sure we got it right by combining a highly efficient core with Japanese capacitors, a whisper quiet 120mm fan, and the flexibility of modular cabling, all to create the best Silencer yet, and we are releasing this exciting new series in a range of models up to 600W and pricing them competitively, making the Silencer MKIII PSU’s the ideal blend of performance, features, and overall value for customers," said Steve Lee, Senior Vice President of Power Management at OCZ Technology Group.

Read more on the PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III at its product page.

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  • fb39ca4
    lol we are all so stereotyped that japanese make better capacitors. im at least *some* the people in taiwan can make them better.
  • ikyung
    fb39ca4lol we are all so stereotyped that japanese make better capacitors. im at least *some* the people in taiwan can make them better.

    No one said Japanese makes the better capacitor. It is just that Japanese cap-makers have a better reputation in the eye of media/marketing. The whole incident with Taiwan sending faulty/leaking caps was just a huge blow to their reputation.

    I'm guessing you are from Taiwan? Don't worry, everyone and anyone that uses computers on a daily basis uses capacitors from Taiwan since they produce almost half the Electrolyte capacitors. It is just that companies don't market "OUR CAPACITORS ARE FROM TAIWAN!" because of the history. Pretty much the same capacitors.
  • CaedenV
    lol, I had no idea that PCPnC was owned by OCZ. I just bought an OCZ power supply that had great reviews (but a limited number of reviews) and after seeing the specs compared to teh price, with the good reviews I could not resist. I was going to spend a little extra on the PCPnC, but now I feel I made a good choice.