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Oculus Rift Partners with Unity, Developers Get Perks

Being an Oculus Rift developer has its perks. Besides having access to the dev kit, which is already pretty cool all in itself, Oculus Rift is pretty generous about bringing resources to devs. Today, Oculus Rift announced that it had partnered with Unity to bring every Oculus Rift developer four free months of Unity Pro.  

“Unity provides game developers with amazing tools that bring joy to the process of creating games, while also lowering the financial and time barriers of high-end production,” said David Helgason, CEO and co-founder, Unity Technologies. “The next generation of video games will not only be found on consoles, but also on PCs, mobile devices and in the cloud though none of these platforms offer the ability to step into the experience. That is where the Oculus Rift comes in. We’re partnering with Oculus to give Unity developers the ability to create the most immersive gaming experiences yet.”

The Unity deal means that developers will not only have access to a free trial of Pro, but also the integration code and access to pre-made assets for development. Clearly, Oculus Rift wants ample time and resources for its developers to bring software to the headset, ensuring that the VR headset won't end up without plenty of indie titles after launch.

The Oculus Rift headset will begin shipping out to its Kickstarter backers starting at the end of this month. Unity Pro extended trial licenses will be made available in the Oculus Rift store in April.

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