AMD A10-6800K APU Overclocked to Record Breaking 8.2GHz

Evidently not content with pushing AMD’s flagship A10-6800K to just over 8.0 GHz last month, Finnish overclocker “The Stilt” has set a new world record by overclocking the Richland APU to an incredible 8203.34 MHz utilizing a liquid nitrogen cooler that provided load and idle temperatures of -180°C and -186°C at an ambient temperature of 25°C.

The overclock was achieved with a 63.0x multiplier, a remarkably low core voltage of 1.968 V, and utilized an Asus F2A85-V Pro motherboard and 8 GB of Radeon PE 1866 memory clocked at 1041 MHz with timings of 10-11-10-27.

Further details are available at the source and at the following CPU-Z Validation URL.

  • Cryio
    4 adverts in a row, Tom's, what's happening?

    On-topic: Just for my peace of mind, how much can you OC a 6800K on air, without voltage tweaks?
  • JPNpower
    Just in case you wanted to super heat nitrogen...
  • jk_ventolero
    And with all 4 cores enabled. Nice! Another great job by The Stilt. :)
  • Lord_Kitty
    I find it great that he achieved that on a $130 motherboard, and not a ROG board.
  • wogilvie
    I would love to see benchmarks.
  • shinkueagle
    Ok. So this is like a pair of fake tits... All show and no real world benefit,.. But honestly though, props to "The Stilt" for such a feat! As for AMD... It DOESN'T add any credibility to them on the performance front, infact it could the a negative impact on the brand as it did with Pentuim 4 with its "GIGAHERTZ WARS".

    If only it could be used like the same way that the Nokia 808 Pureview can combine multiple pixels from its 41MP sensor to make a more detailed picture with a smaller footprint for the pictures...

    So if AMD could only combine all that gigahertz to make a the processor much faster with a smaller consumption footprint.

    I know it isn't an apples to apples comparison, but just considering the technique used in one technology and HYPOTHETICALLY applying a very similar technique on another would be AWESOME if someone could pull it of! :D
  • PedanticNo1
    No real world benefit to a pair of fake boobs? Heh, my friend, that is an extremely naive, narrow point of view. Just because it wont enhance milk production, does not mean they don't carry an obvious benefit.
    Regardless of anyone's moral feelings on the important issue of fake breasts, this, too, isn't meant to have a "real" benefit. Nobody is implying that this is great performance hardware. It's just a record- people do all sorts of extravagantly pointless BS to be a record holder. Hello, welcome to Earth, we like novel things.
  • nebun
    i'll bet you that it was not very stable....and intell still whooped that AMD arse....AMD really needs to work on the software part for their processors....power is nothing without performance
  • SteelCity1981
    so it's as fast as a core i7 4770k now? :)
  • laststop311
    Even at 8.2ghz i bet that is still slower then a 4.7ghz i7 haswell 4770k. And thats only using a 175 dollar liquid cool setup that is actually stable and can be used day to day easily. If at the same clockspeed haswell is at least 75% faster than it would beat this at 8.2 ghz since thats a 75% increase in clock speed.