PC Gaming News - March 6, 2009

Elven Legacy Website Launched
Paradox Interactive kicked off the official Elven Legacy website, showcasing the upcoming fantasy strategy game set for the PC next month. As always, the freshly baked website features all the bells and whistles gamers come to expect, including in-depth profiles, concept art, screenshots, videos, in-game clips and wallpapers. The site also offers developer diaries written by lead game designer, Max Bodfrikov.

New Tropico 3 Screens
Kalypso Media released three new screens from the upcoming PC game, Tropico 3. Set for a release this summer, the game is currently in development over at Haemimont Games, known for its work on Imperium Romanum and Grand Ages: Rome. Tropico 3 follows the same storyline set forth by the previous two installments, so fans of the franchise should expect a hearty reunion with El Presidente.

Long Live Mother Russia
At least that's the heading in the latest PR from 505 Games. Apparently, there is a new video now available on the official ARMA II website focusing o the Russian Armed Forces. "...consists of highly experienced, professional soldiers, equipped with modern weaponry and technology. This combination together with almost limitless resources makes the Russian Army a deadly opponent and quite possibly the strongest military presence in the Chernarus region. The game is slated for the PC and will be available sometime this year.

New Aion - Tower of Eternity Screens
NCSoft released a batch of tasty new screens from its current MMORPG, Aion - Tower of Eternity. The group includes a bit of scenery and weapons in action. Click on the image to the left to check out the entire collection.

Grand Ages: Rome Now Available
Kalypso Media said that Grand Ages: Rome, the sequel to the strategy PC game Imperium Romanum, is now available in retail outlets, selling for £29.99. The game offers many new features over the first installment including a completely revised battle system, a multiplayer mode, ships and islands, a new and improved graphic engine and more.

NeoSteam Now in Closed Beta
European publisher gamigo AG announced that the closed beta of its free-to-play MMORPG NeoSteam has officially begun. Gamers are encouraged to sign up over on the official website to get into the closed beta, now offering an all-new English translation of the revamped European version. "The user-created robots, tanks and other vehicles set NeoSteam apart from every other free-to -play MMORPG. Players have complete freedom creating powerful machines and taking them to battle in exciting PvP skirmishes. Of course NeoSteam offers all benefits of other MMORPGs, such as multiple races and classes with unique skills, a huge world full of exciting quests, monsters to fight and a extensive guild system."

More to come...

  • NuclearShadow
    I loved the first Tropico the second was alright. I never thought they would make a third. Those screenshots look great I can't wait till get my hands on it.