Pub Installs Pee-controlled Video Games in Bathrooms

When folk start drinking, their aim can get pretty messy. Though there are certain home-remedies for helping those with terrible aim to stay tidy (the old cork in the toilet trick worked a treat when we were at school), one pub in England is taking things to the next level with a video game that is won with perfect aim.

The Exhibit on Friday unveiled a couple of new games for its male patrons. Located in the loos, the video games are controlled by the customer's stream of urine and test the player's accuracy. Tapping into customers' competitive side, there's also a Twitter leaderboard. The pub is also using the games to boost business as the games are interspersed with ads and offers for special deals.

Captive Media, the company behind the games, says that the urinals in The Exhibit are the first of their kind in the world and claims that they offer a unique opportunity for businesses looking to advertise to young men out socializing, a hard market to reach. The company plans to roll out the product across selected bars from early 2012.

"It's taken three years of research and development to get to this point," says Captive Media director Mark Melford. "The reaction to the units so far has been incredible – it’s just so much fun."

"We already had a huge amount of interest in the units from bars, pubs, exhibition centres and retail outlets across the country and overseas – even though we’ve been trying to keep a lid on it," says Captive Media cofounder Gordon MacSween.

Check out the video below to see the game in action.

  • Netherscourge
    Never thought I'd see someone take the phrase "pissing contest" this literally...
  • billybobser
    Trying to get people to 'pee left'.

    I can imagine the fights of those with reduced motor control peeing on each others legs.

    Also, from my experience, the worse aim tends to be those in the toilets.
  • cushgod
    there will be piss all over the screen,
  • giovanni86
    Brilliant, now i won't feel as if going pee is a waste of time at a bar =D Highest score though is the guy with the the most piss. hahahah
    OK seriously,

    Getting drunk people to rapidly change the direction of their streams can't be good for shoes.
  • memadmax
    What if you just had s e x?
    The stream goes all over the place, you know what I mean?
  • so wait you are helping me pee straighter by encouraging me to move left to right with a video game ?????? how dumb can this be ?????

    -hint. encouraging a person under the influence to move while peeing does not sound viable. wow who encouraged this article. its the worst idea on the face of the earth.
  • tethoma
    I like the idea of the video game, but instead of spending 1000$ on a urinal video game, how about spending $50 on urinal divider walls, and not placing the mirror so that when you wash your hands you see someones wang.
  • brett1042002
    If you sprinkle when you tinkle...


    ... be a neat and wipe the seat.

  • COLGeek
    "Hacking" this game could get quite messy......Just sayin'......