Prolimatech Shows Off Huge MK-26 Black Series GPU Cooler

Prolimatech has introduced a new GPU heatsink, the Black Series version of its MK-26 cooler. The MK-26 already hit the market in September, but the new one has a matte black finish, with anodized aluminum fins. The copper heatsink pipes are still nickel-plated copper to prevent oxidation.

The MK-26 is designed to can handle GPU's with a TDP of up to 320 Watts. It also supports two 120 mm or 140 mm fans, although these are not included.

Included with the unit are individual heatsinks for the VRM and the memory, along with thermal pads and a syringe of thermal compound. A4-pin PWM fan splitter is included.

The GPU compatibility list has also been updated to indlude the GeForce GTX Titan, which the cooler can easily support since the Titan only has a TDP of 250 W. As such, there is even room for some overclocking.


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  • schriss
    It looks like it could hover my PC.
  • lunix
    You're saying it's available in BLACK now?!? Sweet mother, my morning wouldn't have been complete without this crucial bit of news.
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  • bjaminnyc
    Looks awesome. Although, it also looks like it will cause turbulence in case air flow. How do you effectively exhaust hot air from that thing? Side panel fan pulling air out rather than pushing in?
  • JeBuSBrian
    So, 4-slot cards have become acceptable now?
  • schriss
    It looks like it could hover my PC.