Air-Cooled AMD RX 6800 XT Claims World Record On HWBOT

LUCKY_N00B`s RX 6800 XT HWBOT World Record
(Image credit: HWBOT)

AMD's new Radeon RX 6800 XT is a monster of a graphics card already at the GPU's stock frequencies, but when pushed with a heavy overclock, the RX 6800 XT goes to a whole other level, beating the Nvidia RTX 3090 in 3dMark Fire Strike with 47,932 points, making it a world record result.

Keep in mind that the actual card, a reference RX 6800 XT, was not cooled with liquid nitrogen. Instead, it used its own reference air cooler, making the result all that much more remarkable.

Overclocker "LUCKY_NOOB's" managed to push the boost frequency of the 6800 XT to a seriously high 2650MHz, and he paired it with a 5950X clocked at 5.4GHz with liquid nitrogen to make the new score possible. 

Who knows how much further AMD's RDNA2 cards can be pushed on water or LN2. At this rate, we could see the magical 3GHz number being broken on AMD silicon for the first time in GPU history.

LUCKY_N00B`s RX 6800 XT HWBOT World Record

(Image credit: HWBOT)

However, one thing to keep in mind is 3DMark's tessellation has been modified to presumably give the RX 6800 XT more performance, so Lucky's 47,932 score does not qualify on 3DMark's official scoreboards. But it does qualify for HWBOT, hence why it is valid as a world record on that site.

Fortunately, we might see more soon from AMD, the upcoming RX 6900 XT is launching in under three weeks, and hopefully, we'll see new world records broken with that GPU on both HWBOT's and 3DMark's scoreboards.  

Aaron Klotz
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