Razer Pitches Switchblade Mobile Gaming PC


showed off a new idea of a mobile gaming computer, which the company claims achieves, for the very first time, a "phenomenal" combination of mouse+keyboard functionality in a mobile device.

The Switchblade, which looks a bit like a clumsy netbook, integrates a 7" touch screen, as well as a layer of adaptive tactile screens for the keyboard. Razer also considers a dual-screen layout.  The keyboard reconfigures itself automatically for each game that is played. The result is stunning, while you may wonder whether seven inches are enough for a decent gaming experiences - and whether the integrated Atom processor can deliver the punch necessary in a device that caters to hardcore gamers.

So, how much does it cost? Nothing, as you can't buy and won't be able to buy it for some time. It is a concept design, but Razer said that it is looking for partners to build a commercially available Switchlade. When available, we hear that a Switchlade may cost somewhere close to $1000.       

The ides reminds me of the ridiculously Optimus Maximus keyboard from Art Lebedev, which uses 113 48x48 LED displays for its keys and still sells for $2400. Art Lebedev announced in mid-2009 that it would soon be selling a new version of an LED keyboard, called the Popularis, for less than $1000 by the end of 2009, but there hasn't been much news from Art Lebedev about that keyboard.      

  • jfitz90
    You can pick up the Optimus Maximus for 1600 on think geek. Link for Proof: http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/keyboards-mice/9836/
  • Ragnar-Kon
    After watching the video Razer posted of this online, I was rather surprised when they said it uses an Intel Atom, which.. uhh, isn't really known for gaming.

    Seems to me like a perfect product for AMD's Fusion APUs.

    But no matter what the hardware is, I won't be buying it when/if it comes out.
  • But can it play Crysis ? ha ? Haa ?
  • mister g
    Probably not, however for seven inches it would make a good gaming device for the train if you could find a seat.
  • edilee
    Can it play Crysis? If it can would you want to play it on a 7 inch screen? No you wouldn't.
  • joytech22
    I'd buy it if it had the AMD APU inside of it, but only if it came for under $700
  • utengineer
    This will FAIL.
  • emile420
    i'm a hardcore gamer(cod series/crysis/racing games ie F1 2010), and "to me" merkin (shooting) with anything less then (we'll say)40-60 fps in a first person shooter isn't feasible it's just silly and absolutely frustrating , you stand no chance what so ever trying to play a multilayer fps with a bs/pos frame rate. but at the same time I play games like split second which is capped at a COMFORTABLE 30 fps and its amazing like I didn't know what to say (unforgivable reference), if i were to estimate the FPS in split second I'd say at least 60 fps (which would prolly be default settings with v-sync) and I would be wrong.I LOVE the idea of mobile gaming but seems to me like we're a far ways away from achieving satisfying frame rates for us hardcore gamers (if i don't make sense please take a second to re-read what I said.)

    It's the truth
    Why am I all the sudden thinking about the movie "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" and a game of Twister?
  • BulkZerker
    IMHO only reason there's an intel chip in there is because Intel is the -expected- CPU for a gaming rig when it's made by someone other than a DIYer