Razer Tiamat 2.2 Headset Unboxing

The box for Razer's Tiamat 2.2 headset was actually sent to me dressed like a birthday present, wrapped neatly in paper. Coincidence I'm sure, but I still felt like a lucky boy getting presents before his birthday (thanks Kevin).

The actual product box was relatively easy to open once I got past the outer sleeve. This sleeve featured a tab at the bottom that's taped shut which allows the consumer to unsheathe the plastic box. Like a caveman, I tried to disable this blocked entry using an X-acto knife with no success, but all along I could have simply peeled it back. Doh. There's also a built-in hook that's used to hang the box on store shelves -- it's deep like a tree trunk, originating at the headphone level.

Once the sleeve was off, the plastic box had its own tab at the top near the hook, but this one wasn't taped. Once this was opened, the headphones and its accompanying plastic and inner-sleeve could be pulled out (after you lift the box's lid over the hook).

With the headset removed, the inner sleeve opened to reveal the other half of the gaming gadget. Tucked away in a little plastic pillow cupping the earpiece was a super-small manual, a letter from RazerGuy, and a Razer logo sticker. Honestly, I would have preferred a larger manual tucked away at the back of the enclosed sleeve that didn't require a magnifying glass to read.

Here you can see the plastic pillow. The braided cord itself was wrapped in paper -- this cord is insanely long, obviously meant for PC gamers who have their rig hooked up to a large HDTV and typically play from the couch. It includes a jack for Mic In (orange lines), a jack for Audio Out (green lines), and an in-line controller for turning the microphone on and off, and to adjust the volume.

This is what remains after my unpacking adventure. The headset itself was surprisingly already adjusted to fit the size of my skull -- someone must have taken measurements while I was napping on the couch. So far the braided cord is a little annoying due to its length -- it's too bad Razer didn't make it retractable into the actual headpiece like it did with the Aliens-facehugger-appendage-like microphone.

I'll have more of a hands-on later. Stay tuned!

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  • master_chen
    At least it doesn't look as crappy as that "Electra" garbage.
  • zeratul600
    dude you took almost the same pics that i took when i was opening my naga mouse xD
  • boogien8
    The problem I have with most headphones is the damn quality, i've had 2 turtle beach headphone units fall apart on me and a 3rd the ( z6a) 1 of the cups lots audio *sigh*. Reading the reviews from other headphones quality is a big issue, most fall apart inside the year warranty or shortly after. While they are feature rich, the quality just isn't there.