SanDisk Intros 32GB ReadyCache Upgrade for Windows 7

On Tuesday SanDisk announced an easy-to-install SSD caching solution called SanDisk ReadyCache. Utilizing the ExpressCache software developed by Condusiv Technologies, the 2.5-inch SSD adds 32 GB of NAND flash storage to turbo-charge a desktop computer’s boot, shutdown and application launch times.

According to SanDisk, the drive comes with an installation kit that includes a SATA 6 Gb/s cable, and a 3.5-inch mounting bracket and screws – customers simply download and install the software. Once everything is in place, the drive's advanced caching algorithms automatically manages data by caching frequently used files to improve overall performance. All data that resides in the cache also resides on the primary storage, which helps prevent data loss if the caching solution is later uninstalled.

That said, the SSD will work alongside the user's currently-installed hard drives no matter their capacity size. Even more, consumers don’t need to replace their existing primary hard drive, clone their operating system, perform lengthy installs or migrate data. The low cost and fast installation means customers can quickly reap the benefits of a fast computer without having to purchase an entirely new rig.

"The SanDisk ReadyCache is an easy, affordable way to turbocharge a desktop computer," said Kent Perry, director, product marketing, SanDisk. "Our new SSD caching solution lets consumers enjoy the performance benefits of frequently used data coming from an SSD while retaining the storage capacity of their hard drive. It is an ideal combination of the benefits of an SSD and hard drive."

Currently the SanDisk ReadyCache SSD is only available at Amazon and Newegg, costing $59.99 USD, and is only compatible with Windows 7 desktops.


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  • adgjlsfhk
    For $60 I would rather just get a 60 gb agility III. Does the same thing, while giving me 30 gb extra space.
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  • adgjlsfhk
    For $60 I would rather just get a 60 gb agility III. Does the same thing, while giving me 30 gb extra space.
  • murzar
    But will it run Crysis?

    On your older P4 systems?
  • ozvip3r
    C'mon Toms, stop adding to the confusion by calling it a 6gb sata cable. Aren't you meant to inform your readers, not support the lie that is 6gb sata cables. A sata cable is a sata cable, what decides if a sataII or sataIII device runs at those respective speeds is whether it is plugged into a sata 3 or 6gb motherboard connector. Stop supporting the lies and confusing people.