Scythe Adds 140 mm Fans to Slip Stream Series

Scythe has released five new case fans, four standard case fans, and one with PWM support. All of the fans are part of the Slip Stream lineup, and all are 140 mm in size. The case fans feature a smaller hub than usual, an interesting frame design, and mounting holes so that they can even be used in 120 mm fan mounts, assuming there is space, of course.

The first four fans are almost identical. The only difference between them are the rotational speeds, which range from 500 RPM to 1700 RPM. The SM1425XT12SL spins at 500 RPM, pushes 27.2 CFM and makes just 9.6 dBA of noise. The second, the SM1425XT12L, pushes 43.5 CFM at 800 RPM and makes 14.3 dBA of noise. The third, the SM1425XT12M, makes 23.2 dBA of noise when pushing 65.2 CFM at 1200 RPM, and lastly, the SM1425XT12M can push up to 92.4 CFM at 1700 RPM but will make 36.4 dBA of noise.

The PWM model,  the SM1425XT12M-P, will push from 27.2 CFM to 69.9 CFM, can spin between 500 RPM and 1300 RPM, and makes between 9.6 dBA to 24.7 dBA of noise.

The non-PWM models will retail for an MSRP of €9, and the PWM model will carry an MSRP of €10.

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • DarkSable
    Yum. 140mm fans are so much nicer than 120mm fans.
  • wiyosaya
    I am happy to see these 140mm fans from Scythe. I've been using their Slip Stream fans for about 5-years now, and I find that their ratings, at least in terms of noise, are very accurate. In addition, they push more air and produce much less noise than competing products. IMHO, Scythe makes the best fans.
  • mortsmi7
    Finally, nice fans that aren't gaudy looking.
  • galeener
    Wonder what the static pressure is on the pwms.