Shuttle Bundles Red Faction with New J Series

Shuttle announced on Wednesday that it will pack THQ's Red Faction: Guerrilla with select new Shuttle J Series PCs as a free bonus. While the company did not go into technical specs in regards to the hardware, Red Faction: Guerrilla originally launched for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back on June 2, 2009, followed by a PC release later in September.

According to Shuttle, participating retailers will offer the full retail game for digital download with the purchase of a select J Series PC. Normally the game costs $19.99 and can be bought and downloaded directly from THQ's store right here. What's surprising here is that Shuttle doesn't offer something newer such as a discounted Dragon Age: Origins, Left 4 Dead 2, or Borderlands.

Shuttle originally announced its J Series line in January at CES 2010. According to specs revealed at the event, the entry-level small form factor PC will sport Intel's Core2 Quad processor and Intel's X4500 GPU. The "mainstream" version will smell a little meatier, packing an Intel Core i5 or i3 with integrated graphics. The high performance version will offer the Intel Core i7 CPU, and support for ATI CrossFire and Nvidia SLI technology. The series will also feature three "distinctive" chassis designs that designate the three models.

After digging through the CES 2010 materials, Red Faction: Guerrilla was actually shown with the Shuttle SX58J3 Gaming PC and the Shuttle SX58J3 "SDXI Edition" PC--also labeled as the Extreme PC in the material. The former PC features Intel's Core i7 CPU and X58 chipset. On the graphics front, the rig has built-in support for ATI CrossFire and Nvidia SLI. The PC also sports 1+3 channel DDR3 memory, HD 7.1 Channel audio, 2 PCIe (x16) expansion slots, and more. This rig falls in line with the High Performance SFF PC originally announced at CES 2010.

Shuttle will launch the J Series in late Q1 and early Q2 2010. Hopefully by then, Shuttle will have changed its mind on the selection of its "bundled" PC game.

  • maigo
    Oh boy! A free bad game!
  • spigias
    maigoOh boy! A free bad game!
    I thought Guerrilla was a descent game.
  • anamaniac
    maigoOh boy! A free bad game!Found this one better on the console myself. Kinda fun to materialize someone's face. =D
  • notsleep
    6 months old not-so-good game? no thanks. that makes me think the j series is going to be really expensive when they try to bundle a game with it. do shuttle even have an am3 (not am2+ that's stuck with ddr2 ram) product or does the j series cover that?
  • maynardman10
    RFG is a horrible PC game. I never got that working right. I wish I could get my money back on that one.
  • jgiron
    Lame, when I bought my SB Audigy card I got 5 free games.
    Now if I buy this comp I only get a 1? bah hum bug!
  • drksilenc
    ... all intel yet again...
  • @spigias:
    Sorry to nitpick here, but I've noticed this particular mistake appearing quite often as of late: Descent =/= decent!