Report: Majority of Windows 8 Users Ignore Metro / Modern UI Applications

Included in Soluto’s latest Monthly Insights Report is a rather interesting study of 313,142 Metro app launches across 9,634 unique apps and 10,848 Windows 8 computers that found something that we’ve suspected for quite some time: Windows 8 users are largely ignoring Metro / Modern UI applications in favor of the conventional Windows desktop.

More specifically, the study indicated that on average, Windows 8 users will launch a Metro application just 1.52 times per day with 60 percent of desktop and laptop users launching an average of less than one Metro app per day. This figure is only marginally increased for tablet users who on average launch 2.71 Metro apps per day and 44 percent who average less than one Metro app per day.

Form Factor

# of Metro App Launches Per Day

% with >1 Metro App Launch Per Day







Touch-screen Laptop






Soluto’s study also, unsurprisingly, noted that the most commonly used Metro application was “Windows Communication Apps,” an app container that represents the Calendar, Mail, Messaging and People applications. With the exception of Netflix, the top 10 most popular applications have been developed by Microsoft and are often pre-installed.

Further information on the study’s findings and methodology is available at the source.

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  • wavetrex
    The majority of Windows users ignore Windows 8.
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  • vmem
    um, duh? the only a few of us bought windows 8 tablets is that we needed access to x86 software...
  • nlreynolds80
    So how much longer is Microsoft going to insist on its current state of arrogant denial that they borked Windows 8? When will they listen to their customers and give them want they want instead of telling them what they need?
  • wavetrex
    The majority of Windows users ignore Windows 8.