Sony to Show Off VR Headset at TGS

There was Google's Project Glass, and then Oculus Rift's successful Kickstarter. More recently, Valve revealed that it had its own VR headset project in the works (though it's not clear whether or not the company will ever actually officially produce these headsets.)

Now, a video from Sony's official YouTube confirms that it'll be showing off a VR headset of its own at the Japanese videogame expo Tokyo Game Show.

With so many big players investing heavily in VR technology, it's likely that it'll be the novelty for next-gen. Still, the 3D hype was rather short-lived, and it's hard to forget the failed VR headsets of the past. (Remember the Sega VR?) Will VR be fleshed out enough to stay with the industry, or will it be yet another industry flop?

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  • waxdart
    The HMZ-T1 was at such a high price point that you'd think they didn't want it to be a success.
  • beardguy
    Man I never thought I would see the day. I remember the talk of VR when I was a kid in the 80's, so many movies made it look awesome. Then when there were some actual attempts in the 90's, but they were beyond lame.

    Hopefully this new wave of VR prototypes will spawn something great. I think that we are at a point technology-wise that this is feasible now.
  • teh_chem
    Meh, regardless of what technological-advancement a VR headset might bring, I could never get excited about it for PC gaming.
  • Marcus52
    Would be great if they'd come out with a really good solution before I drop money on more monitors and video cards for surround.

    Done right, this could offer an immersive experience in games that monitors will find very difficult to match. Done wrong it's an uncomfortable, cheap image that doesn't do more than attach a monitor type viewpoint to your head.

  • TeraMedia
    I think VR has a lot to offer. It's a heck of a lot cheaper to implement and render a single 1080p display that changes the POV with the motion of your head than to surround yourself with 3 x 1 or 5 x 1 1080p displays. Plus, you can have active 3D without any shutter effect. And you can game anywhere without needing to hang a TV on the wall or plop a monitor on a desk. Add to that better ambient light control, head POV input for the game, and other benefits. It needs to be as light as a pair of active shutter glasses plus a headset.
  • they have been shipping a head mounted 3d display system for over a year. this is just the updated version which they already announced
  • mavikt
    Looks like the Sony HMZ-T2, a miniscule upgrade over the HMZ-T1...
  • alidan
    sony... you give me crappy headphones its a deal breaker at any price. give us a screen, and let us deal with headphones.

    you also put in a gyroscope too.