Windows RT Will Require 12GB of Storage on Tablets

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows RT takes up more than one third of Surface’s 32GB storage space.

The tablet's test manager Ricardo Lopez said that owners of the 32GB variant will only have 20GB of storage to utilize; Windows RT OS, Microsoft Office and other various pre-loaded apps take up a considerable proportion of the device's internal storage space.

When asked about the size relating to the Windows RT install, Ricardo Lopez replied, “After the OS, Office RT and a bunch of apps, you will still have more that 20GB. As you say, you can always add an SD card and while you cannot add apps there, you can get music, movies and photos there.”

Comparatively, iOS on the iPad takes up 1GB.

Surface, which has already seen its $499 model sold out a day after prices were announced, releases on October 26 alongside Windows 8.


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  • osamabinrobot
    youve got to be kidding me! they cant even keep the bloat down on a tablet version of the os?
  • jacobdrj
    I would have expected 2gb, maybe 4. I could have even been like, hmm, 7, I guess...

    12? Even with office, that is excessive. Too many uncompressed BMPs?
  • WhyFi
    "Comparatively, iOS on the iPad takes up 1GB."

    Doesn't take much to launch apps.

    ....but yeah, 12GB is a bit portly.