Thermaltake Working On Affordable Compact Phase-change Cooling

Hacienda Heights (CA) - During a recent visit to Thermaltake’s office, we learned that the company is working on creating a compact phase-change cooling solution - which would be affordable for the majority of PC enthusiasts who are looking into extreme overclocking of their processors.

The main goal of this project is not really to cool down your CPU to -10 degrees Celsius temperatures, but to take a more economical approach of cooling for processors such as new dual-core 45 nm Wolfdale or quad-core processors such as Core 2 Q6600. The system promises to keep CPU temperatures below zero degrees Celsius to enable extreme overclocking into the range of 4 GHz and higher.

Look at it as a water-cooling setup-experience that has been kept as quiet as possible. Since compressors are noisy beasts, Thermaltake’s engineers are currently experimenting with various models.

The company actually wants to offer this new phase-change cooling system at a water-cooling system pricepoint. As it stands right now, this product will be compatible with all major processors, since Thermaltake usually bundles a universal adapter for all popular sockets. There has been no information on availability and price, but we expect Thermaltake to offer this system between $200 and $300, which would only be about half of what you would have to pay for other cooling solutions for extreme overclocking applications.