TIME Makes List of 100 Greatest Videogames

Putting together a "Top 100" list is challenging, if only because of varying tastes and the fact that compiling a list of 100 anythings is already difficult in it of itself.

Still, in the tradition of its "ALL-TIME" lists, TIME has put together the "ALL-TIME 100 Greatest Videogames List." Rather than assigning a numerical ranking to every game, TIME has wisely kept the games unranked and broken them down by epoch.

The list for games from the 2010s is quite sparse, which is excusable since we're only almost three years in. The only two games populating the list thus so far are Batman: Arkham City and Mass Effect 3, no doubt something that's going to cause quite some controversy.

Take a look for yourself here and see if you agree with TIME's choices. 

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  • SirDevon
    They forgot Dragon's Lair! I spent many a quarter playing that game.
  • dudewitbow

    Mass Effect 3

    that's a good one
  • the associate
    First thing I noticed was GTA 3, and remembering the pure amazement I had playing that game, and enjoyed it so much I even drove around the city just for the hell of it.

    IMO Ocarina of Time should be in that list as well. But it still seems like a completely well thought out list.
  • mazty
    Other then replacing Oblivion with Morrowind, it's a damn good list I have to say.
  • wolley74
    No Skyrim? TIME, I am disappoint
  • migaltec
    Diablo 2 the good old times :)
  • hokkdawg
    Total bull$%^&! They didn't even put Ocarina of Time on the list! EASILY one of the best games ever made!
  • Time has NO business rating videogames.
  • sharpiedpanda
    I am just wondering where pokemon and Age of Empires are
  • QEFX
    I have to agree with most of this list, or at least I understand why they put what they did on (even if I don't agree with it.

    RIP Sir-Tech. I miss the old Wizardry RPGs and fond memories, or should I say mammaries, of the Leisure Suit Larry games.

    My biggest issues ... no Freespace (Two fantastic space combat games) and other than Civ no 4x games (no MoO or MoM)