Raijintek Debuts its Lineup of CPU Coolers

Though Raijintek may seem to be a new entrant into the competitive world of CPU coolers, the company is a brand new name created by the main part of Cooler Master’s and Xigmatek’s team and so certainly has a wealth of experience in the field. The company, alongside its main distributor Caseking GmbH, has launched three new high-end CPU coolers: the Aidos, Themis and Erebos that are “dedicated to users looking for high quality, performance and efficiency.”

The Adios is a compact size cooler designed to fit most common chipsets and features a non-copper base design (C.D.C – CPU direct contact), patented solder-less-louver fin assembly for extra heat-pipe ventilation, and a “special patented heat-pipe / fine technology to prevent heat-pipe damage risk.” The CPU direct contact design, solder-less-louver fin assembly and heat-pipe / fin technology is featured on the Themis, which is also classified as a compact cooler but includes a larger 120 mm surface area for better heat dispersion.

Raijintek’s flagship cooler is the Erebos, which features a 140 mm surface area, 6 mm heat-pipes with “ultra large dissipating fins” to ensure that CPU heat is withdrawn as efficiently as possible. The cooler includes two 14013 140 mm cooling fans and should be compatible with most modern CPU sockets.

The Adios, Themis and Erebos CPU coolers are currently on sale for €16.90 ($22.27), € 3.90 ($31.49) and €34.90 ($45.98), respectively.  Raijintek has announced that they will be releasing additional products including enclosures and power supply units in the foreseeable future. 

  • nord_musician
    ok, cool.....
  • apache_lives

    more like fan-tastic
  • SlitWeaver
    Glad to see a new company made of "industry veterans" come to the field. Hope to see some quality products! :D
  • velocityg4
    Good move. Create a new company to regurgitate the same product everyone else is selling and don't differentiate it at all. I don't see them making anything new or more efficient. If anything that cutesy pattern they cut in the fins has probably dropped efficiency.

    Their only hope is to charge less than the big names for the same product. Which I'm not seeing. Why would I pay the same for a name I don't recognize and whose fans don't have many years of real world use to know that they will hold up and remain quiet.
  • amuffin
    Thin, thick, and thicker? lol
  • master_chen
    "Erebos"? Looks like they misspelled it from a get-go. It's actually written and pronounced as "Erevos", with a "v", not "b".