RAGE Single-Player Lasts 15 Hours, Says Willits

id Software's Tim Willits, creative director for the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter RAGE, was recently interviewed in the latest issue of the US Official Xbox Magazine. Out of the entire interview, one particular detail has raised a red flag across the gaming community: the amount of time it takes to complete the single-player campaign. For some, the news may be extremely disappointing.

While we already know that RAGE will ship for the console on two DVDs (and presumably on one Blu-ray for the PS3), it's assumed that the game's massive environment and the fact it needs more than one disc would indicate that the single-player portion would be at least just as massive. But according to Willits, the campaign will only take 15 hours to complete.

For some gamers, that may be long enough. Others may disagree given the massive environment and the physical space it requires. Willits made a hint to this factor, indicating that the nature of Rage's post-apocalyptic open world should provide several times that. Bethesda's Fallout 3 is actually very similar, offering roughly a 20-hour single-player campaign without taking on all available side quests.

RAGE is slated to arrive on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC on September 13. The game will also supposedly be left open-ended, leaving id room to develop a sequel after DOOM 4 hits retail shelves.

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  • Anonymous
    Rage, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Duke Nukem Forever are the only games I will purchase this year.
  • xurwin
    Rage, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Duke Nukem Forever are the only games I will purchase this year.

    oh really? never heard of batman arkham city?
  • nevertell

    Screw that, portal 2 is what I'm after.