Toshiba aims to have 50% of SSD market share by 2011

Reports show that Toshiba has high hopes regarding its presence in the SSD Market over the next few years and is committing to having 50 percent of the SSD market under its belt in as little as two years time.

At its corporate strategy meeting for fiscal 2008 in Tokyo on Thursday, Atsutoshi Nishida, president and CEO of Toshiba Corp said the company plans on having half of the market share for Solid State Drives by 2010 or 2011.

Recent months have shown the company has a huge interest in the SSD market. Over the last year Toshiba has invested in MLC (Multi-Level Cell) NAND memory and on top of that President of Toshiba Semiconductor, Shozo Saito last month predicted that a quarter of all notebooks would have an SSD drive by 2011 so it’s no surprise to hear the company has plans to be a play a big role in the future of SSDs.

According to Tech-On, Toshiba’s SSD development team is comprised of members from many different divisions rather than being made up solely of staff from the Semiconductor Co branch. Members of the project were brought together from Toshiba Semiconductor, Toshiba’s PC and HDD departments and R&D.

"I asked the related sections of the HDD business that might compete against SSD technology for their support and gained it,” Nishida said. “I told them that unless they provided their expertise and complete cooperation, the company would not make any further investment in HDD technology."

The company also thinks that not many of the competitors will be able to keep up with Toshiba in the field of MLC NAND Solid State Drives however with the pace of the SSD market being what it is we’re not sure whether or not Toshiba could be a little quick off the mark with such a statement. Recently we published a review of the Memoright SSD MR25.2-032S which showed remarkable performance figures so while Toshiba may be standing stomach to the tape it’s definitely not alone in the race.

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    How can Toshiba beat Hitachi ? Hitcahi also has comprehensive SSD product line on SSD. Please refer to