This Lian Li Case Looks and Moves Like a Train: Choo-choo!

Here's a case for you train geeks to lust after. Lian-Li, a company that's no stranger to unique and funky PC cases, has just announced the PC-CK101, a case made to look like a steam train. Made from aluminum, this case actually comes in two versions -- a stationary model for those that just want the cool case, and an actual moving train that will go up and down the tracks. Seriously!

The PC-CK101 is separated into two sections, the car and the engine. The car fits a mini-ITX motherboard comfortably while a 120mm fan blows cool air across the motherboard. Cable management from the car to the engine runs via a tunnel in the front on the car leading back into the engine, where the rest of the hardware is housed. This includes a small form factor PSU sitting in the back, a slim optical drive bay in the front of the engine and space for one 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch HDD. On the front of the engine you'll find a dual LED power button power button, which is blue when on and red when reading. There's also two USB ports on the side of the engine

If you go for the moving PC-CK101 Premium, the chassis comes with six interlocking tracks so the case can move up and down the tracks. The stationary PC-CK101 Standard comes with one rail that acts as a stand and has a label stating that its the 2012 Special Edition Chassis. Pricewise, you're looking at $229 for the stationary model and $379 for the moving version.

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  • DarkZenith
  • internetlad
    lol wtf
  • hfitch
    That is seriously cool. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would die for one.
  • boiler1990
    Boiler up! Might build a Boilermaker Special Special Edition :)
  • beardguy
    This would be awesome for kids ... thing is I'm not spending $379 on a "cute" case for my kids. Add computer parts, and that's one damn expensive toy.

    Lian Li always charges too much for their products.
  • rds1220
    As a model railroader that's pretty cool. Depending on the price I would get one just to put in my train room in the basement where I have collectible railroad stuff from signs to lanterns and other railroad memorbilia.
  • quixilver1
    I think "pc-ck- 0-6-0" would have been a better name.
  • math1337
    Very cool, but when it comes to functionality and price, this just can't win. It's more art than a computer case, but then again, that's what a lot of people want.
  • gm0n3y
    I guess Lian-Li is betting on there being a sizeable overlap of computer nerds and train nerds. From my experience that is probably a good bet.
  • freggo
    Sorry, but I want a Bullet train :-)