G.Skill Introduces the TridentX DDR3-3000 MHz 32 GB Kit

G.Skill has launched a series of ultra high speed memory for Intel’s 4th Generation Core processors, which includes the TridentX DDR3-3000 32 GB memory kit (4 x 8 GB) that has successfully passed Memtest pro with the low voltage of 1.65 V while being paired with an Intel i7-4770K processor and an Asus Maximus VI Extreme motherboard.

All G.Skill memory products come with a lifetime warranty and support from the company’s technical team via online forums, Facebook, telephone and email.

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  • chuyayala
    Still waiting on DDR4...
  • chicofehr
    I wonder how my phenom 1090T will handle that LOL
  • sykozis
    1.65v is low voltage? JEDEC spec is only 1.5v