ASMedia Developing 10 GB/s USB 3.5 Controllers

According to company president Chewei Lin, ASMedia Technology is currently developing USB 3.5 host and device controller chips that will be available in 2014. These chips will offer speeds of up to 10 Gb/s at a much more affordable price than Intel’s Thunderbolt. Lin added that "USB 3.5 controller chips will have more opportunities in the market, especially for SSD applications."

Additionally, ASMedia’s 3rd Generation USB 3.0 to SATA ASM1153 chip has been officially verified by USB-IF. The company will begin delivering samples in Q3 2013 and will be manufactured by TSMC using an 85 nm process.

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  • win7guru
    This is great news. I would hope it has backwards compatibility and they can deliver on speeds.
  • unknown9122
    Good stuff. Thunderbolt is the future. But the flatness of the USB port allows for thinner PCs. The thunderbolt port has more vertical length.
  • bison88
    Thunderbolt is hardly the future. It is no longer optical which makes it less different than USB. Not to mention Intel held back proper USB 3.0 support from the market intentionally for over 2 years in an effort to push Thunderbolt, their tech, as a "new" USB replacement that was unnecessary.