Sony Reveals Ultra Mobile, Freestyle Hybrid PCs

On the heels of announcing its two new S1 and S2 tablets during a press conference in Tokyo, Sony showcased teaser images of its upcoming "Ultra Mobile" and "Freestyle Hybrid" PCs towards the end of the show. Unfortunately, there's absolutely zero information regarding the two upcoming devices.

However, Akihabara News reports that the Freestyle Hybrid PC will likely run on Intel's Atom platform and perhaps even sport Microsoft's Windows 7 OS, offering consumers a non-Android tablet solution. Based on the image alone, the device will provide a slide-out QWERTY keyboard to transform it from a tablet into a notebook-style form factor.

As for the Ultimate Mobile PC, it will reportedly feature a 13.3-inch touch screen and a form-factor similar to Apple's MacBook Air. Both the tablet and laptop will be branded with Sony's popular VAIO label, sport its distinctive sharp, monochrome design, and may even come packed with PlayStation 3 Remote Play support and the PlayStation Suite.

Sony will reportedly ship both devices sometime soon-- pricing and an actual date is currently unknown. Although a mention at E3 2011 is possible, Sony will likely choose to formally announce both devices at COMPUTEX 2011 taking place on May 31 to June 4.

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  • Anonymous
    Tomshardware is being paid to advertise this information. This isn't new or interesting. Laptops are crap anyway.
  • zulutech
    an0n0n0mooseTomshardware is being paid to advertise this information. This isn't new or interesting. Laptops are crap anyway.

    Not necessarily an0n0n0moose. I use a laptop. So do millions of others. I agree they may not be as efficient, but they are not crap. Definitely not crap.
    I agree that this is definitely not original though.
  • sync_nine
    The first PC i got was a laptop and i have never owned a desktop. So far so good.My laptop still kicks ass of most decent desktops and runs everything on high.
    i7-740QM and GTX 460M
    Mobile computing is a lot better than being stuck at home on your chair.