Intel Formally Updates Ultrabook Specification

Following in the footsteps of the launch of Intel’s 4th Generation Core processors is an updated specification for Intel Ultrabook devices that will require manufacturers to include a touchscreen display (as was rumored in April) and meet a variety of performance and battery life benchmarks to receive subsidies and supply chain assistance.

The baseline requirements include six hours of HD video playback, nine hours of idle time in Windows 8, under three seconds wake time, and a thinness of up to 23 mm.  Intel has also recommended that this generation of Ultrabooks offer up to 11 percent better CPU performance at 25 percent lower power, have up to 40 percent better graphics performance than its predecessors, as well as integrate additional features such as facial recognition and voice control.

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  • whyso
    Intel's ultrabook specifications are kind of anal-retentive. Touchscreen really?
  • donovands
    Very meh. I want a notebook with Ultrabook dimensions, a proper quad-core processor and a 650m gddr5 version minimum for less than $1,500. Medium gaming, grat everything else. You can keep the touch screen, thanks.
  • ingtar33
    so in short- they could have simply said "you need a Haswell CPU for it to be an ultrabook."