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VLC Kickstarter for Windows 8 Gets Funded

VLC, the well-known and open source freeware video player, took its campaign to bring its app to Windows 8 to Kickstarter and managed to get funded with time to spare.

Though the current version of VLC is perfectly functional on the desktop version of Windows 8, VideoLAN Corporation's goal is to natively integrate the app to work with both the desktop and tablet versions of Windows 8.

Unfortunately, the non-profit lacked the proper funding to make such a goal a possibility. However, with Kickstarter, they've managed to raise £40,000 to get VLC built and shipped.

VideoLAN's posted a few other goals, now that the Kickstarter's been funded, that it'll attempt to get done, provided there's enough funding left, including camera input support and Smartglass support.

To help fund the VLC for Windows 8 campaign, VideoLAN's Kickstarter page is located here.

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