Come Back To WoW, Get Free Cataclysm Upgrade

Are you a World of Warcraft junkie, and you miss your friend trolling the fields and mountains of Azeroth by your side? Blizzard is now offering an incentive for both the current player and previous subscriber thanks to a handy new Scroll of Resurrection.

According to Blizzard, when a current subscriber signs on an old friend, he/she will receive a Spectral Gryphon mount for an Alliance character, or a Spectral Wind Rider mount for a Horde character. This will be granted once the friend pays for a new 30-day subscription that the very least.

As for the returning friend, they get a sweet deal including:

* A single character immediately boosted all the way to level 80 -- DING!
* A FREE upgrade to Cataclysm regardless of the friend’s original box level.
* An optional FREE character move to the subscriber's realm and faction so they can play together.
* 7 FREE days of game time which is available immediately.

Current subscribers can send a friend the Scroll of Resurrection email by clicking here. Subscribers can also invite a friend via the World of Warcraft in-game friends list or guild roster. To accept and use the Scroll of Resurrection, the friend must meet the eligibility requirements including a prior subscription to World of Warcraft for at least 30 days, an inactive account on or before March 4, 2012, and more.

Hey, it's Apple Day. What better way to celebrate than to drag an old buddy back into World of Warcraft.

  • ben850
    Wow (no pun intended,) I never thought I'd see Blizz resort to things like this.

    Either way, this should help open the game to more people who are scared away at the task of leveling from 1 to 85.
  • thrillhaus
    It's only for people who had the game before but quit. Still, it's quite a deal.
  • leongrado
    Seriously Blizzard? This is just sad. How low can you go? I remember a time when this company used to be respectable...
  • eggbrook
    They give all these great deals and yet if you gave the game a second chance a while ago and got a scroll or rez already you are out of luck. Too bad I'd be willing to pay for a month of WoW to get a free level 80 a realm/faction change. Meh I'll spend my 15 dollars on something better.
  • wmalinowski
    After Blizzard banned my account because they think I was "farm gold" (when my account didn't have a subscription), I'm suppose to invite a friend over to WOW? Screw that.........
  • bebangs
    haha. never again. just got over my warcraft addiction. dont temp me. must resist!
  • Unfortunately, this won't work for me. If they make the subscription cost $5 (or less) a month, that would actually get me back.
  • wildkitten
    Let's see, a bump of any character to level 80? Sounds like a power leveling service. Epic level flying, free server and faction transfer, 7000 gold in freebies? This just isn't good.

    And what a people suppose to come back to Blizzard? You have no new content coming out for this expansion, you already said Dragon Soul would be the last. Doesn't the game have enough level 80+ characters running around that can not play their class because the leveling is so easy and fast now?

    As a former player this would not entice me back. It sounds like an indirect way of selling in game items, something they said they would never do.

    Blizz, you want people to come back? Then put the Warcraft back into World of Warcraft. For two straight expansions you have delivered less than half the content you talked about in the betas. Cataclysm was even much worse than Wrath. Three content updates, one of which was just rehashed 5 persons that were old raids just to bring back mounts into the game.

    Where was Kul Tiras? Where was Danath returning from Outland to confront Sylvanas over what she did to his nephew? Where was the conflict between the Argent Crusade and The Forsaken about the Forsaken replaguing areas that the Crusade has been cleansing? Where was the resolution to what happened in Andorhol? All these things, and a lot more, you said would be in this expansion and none of them showed up.

    Ever since you started trying to cater to the Farmville/Angry Bird casuals, which by the way is about the time Vivendi made Bobby Kotick CEO of Activision Blizzard, WoW has stagnated. BC ended with 11.5 million subs. The only bump seen since BC ended was in China after the august 2010 release of Wrath there, and they had been on BC for nearly 4 years and they rejected Wrath pretty quickly. Not to mention that's not the place you expect to find the "casuals" that seems to be the desired market even over the Warcraft fan.

    And not only has WoW stagnated, but the comics and magazine have been cancelled. The novels' sales have been bad. I think it's obvious that the Warcraft fan is leaving.

    You want players back? Get the story back in. Stop with the little gimmicks that might give a few days worth of use but won't solve the problem long term.
  • tomfreak
    lol with so many free mmo, other free games these days I doubt I am going to pay another one.
  • Diplo
    Long live EVE-ONLINE