Microsoft Previewing Windows 8 App Store Tomorrow

Microsoft will reportedly share loads of details surrounding the upcoming Microsoft Windows Software Store on Tuesday during an event held in San Francisco. The store itself isn't expected to launch until after Windows 8 goes retail which, according to a leaked roadmap and rumors, should be around fall of 2012.

According to reports, the new storefront built directly into Windows 8 will offer free, paid and trial versions of Metro-themed software -- even in-app purchasing will be supported. Legacy Windows apps -- those developed for Windows 7 and earlier -- will be sold directly from publishers by way of a landing page in the new store that links back to their product off-site. Traditional apps will also continue to be sold through retail shops and third-party download sites.

Until now, Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about the subject even after the Store icon appeared in a Windows 8 demonstration back in June. And while Microsoft seems to be late in the game in regards to selling apps directly in its Windows platform, the company is no stranger to the business: it's had great success pushing content through the Xbox 360's Marketplace and more recently via the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Documents leaked earlier this year indicated that there will be some sort of revenue-sharing arrangement between Microsoft and the Windows Software Store developers. As with the actual storefront, Microsoft has refused to comment, so it's unknown if the company plans to mirror Apple's 30-percent sales cut, or offer a reduced cut to better compete with iTunes.

In related "Metro" news, Microsoft is set poised and ready to update the Xbox 360 with the new Metro-themed Dashboard on Tuesday. The update will make the gaming console more living room entertainment friendly by offering actual TV channels and an app store supported by Silverlight. There's a good chance consumers will hear more about the latter aspect Tuesday as Microsoft possibly discusses the storefront for Windows 8, and how all three Microsoft platforms will be linked together (W8, X360, WP7).

  • RipperjackAU
    Yet another way to throw money at the Micro$haft beast, for shovelware.
  • jhansonxi
    Yet another rehash of Windows Marketplace. I wonder how much effort is going into screening apps. How long before someone buys a rootkit through it?
  • alidan
    o yay, another update to xbox. so far, its only gotten worse each itteration. the blades was the best, the second was bad, the kinect one was worse, and now metro... ill wait till i try it, but with expectations already as low as humanly possible, i cant see how they could do anything but be better than them... cant wait to see how they fail at even the low bar i set.
  • jacobdrj
    MS is no longer under the thumb of the US federal government, as of last month I believe...

    They might have the ability to improve now...

    And they are in no danger of falling under that thumb again, as that oversight allowed other companies to sprout and challenge MS' dominance in almost every category MS once dominated...
  • danwat1234
    Ugh, 'Apps'.
  • g-unit1111
    Seriously - I am getting really tired of "apps" now. Really, as much as I like the game, how many more devices do we play Angry Birds on?
  • Forlorn
    Metro touch interface. Kinect hardware. My tv just became a giant touch screen. Sweet.
  • Swolern
    ForlornMetro touch interface. Kinect hardware. My tv just became a giant touch screen. Sweet.
    My thoughts exactly! Minority report here we come!
  • eddieroolz
    It would be nice if MS also made IE10 preview installable on Windows 7...
  • jimmy-bee
    Ah yes, the innovative "we stole , copied or bullied just about everything we have done" company copies Apple once again.