Tom's Guide: Hands-on Leaked Builds of Windows Blue 8.1

With Windows 8 almost six months old, it's time to take a look at what Microsoft has got planned for the future of its Windows operating system. Windows 8.1, or Windows Blue, isn't exactly the best kept secret in the industry. Not only has there been numerous rumors regarding features that may or may not be a part of the OS, there's also been some leaked builds of the operating system. The Tom's Guide team took Windows Blue for a test drive. Be sure to check out what they found in "Hands-on with Leaked Builds of Windows 8.1."

With several leaked builds for Windows Blue hitting the web in rapid succession, it seems as though Microsoft is as leaky as a sieve these days. A leak for build 9364 made its way to the internet last March, and two more leaked builds (9369 & 9374) have hit the Internet in the weeks since. Considering Windows 8 is just five months old, there are still a lot of questions as to whether Windows 8.1 or 'Windows Blue' is going to be a free Service Pack, a standalone OS release, or the first in a line of subscription OS models, but we can at least take a look at how the builds themselves run.Hands-on with Leaked Builds of Windows 8.1

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  • Shin-san
    I'm hoping this will be a service pack and not another $99 OEM disc
  • killabanks
    dont need it dont want it
  • maguirpi
    I think the reason that 8.1 is so leaked is that MS are hurting over W8 and want to get a little bit of discrete feedback from 8.1?
  • catswold
    Windows 8, by any standard is a total failure . . . they have to do something. One thing certain, given the dismal performance of 8, those "leaks" are anything but; they are an attempt to gin up some PR to rescue 8 from it's premature demise.
    They need to roll-back Windows 8, admit they made a huge mistake, and then build the next Windows version on the huge success of Windows 7. Till then, I'll stick with 7.
  • Timmy225
    "subscription OS" Please MS go that way, linux will grow leaps and bounds as your greed overwhelms your common sense. Long Live Open Source
  • danwat1234
    Hmm, not FAT32 option in the 'format drive' application.
    I wonder if the Metro File Explorer will support file paths longer than 255 characters in lenght, and if the Windows Explorer will support it as well?
    I know the Windows 8 Explorer does not, so I have to use Total Commander to manipulate files in deeply nested folders. Come on, support 255+ character paths already.
  • nitrium
    An SP2 for Win7 would be a lot more useful.
  • Dropdead777
    Stick with windows 8 trash
  • computerguy72
    W8 is better in almost every measurable way. Too many zealots commenting out of pure MS hate. The two changes that are controversial (conversion of the start button to a hover button) and the tile based start menu are in practice really minor changes. I had bought into all the negativity until I actually used a friends computer for a while and the controversial changes are really nothing. The technical improvements are very good.
  • AndreT
    Win8 is not better in every way. It's ugly start menu is out of place on desktops and laptops without touch. If you prefer alphabetized start menus, you're going to be doing this manually, and every time you install something, you're reorganizing the start screen. You can't play DVD's any more without paying for an additional media center pack. The stupid charms bar, keeps popping up and getting in the way when I want to just close a full screen program on the desktop. I don't have pure MS hate. I hate this stupid modern UI that they've shoved down everyone's throat on platforms where it doesn't belong. I have always been the first to upgrade to new MS OS's including Vista and thanks to Win 8, I'm actually playing around with Linux Mint (which is more windows like than windows 8 is). First time I've seriously looked at another Brand of OS that isn't MS in 20+ years since my 386 running DOS 5.0.