Rumor: Next Windows to Keep Modern UI, Live Tiles

eWeek has published a story based on info from an "enthusiast" at Taiwanese online forum PCBeta who claims to be an alpha tester of the new version of Windows. This person reports that Microsoft will be sticking with the Modern UI overlay, but is also borrowing a few tricks from Windows Phone 8, seemingly blurring the line between the two screens.

According to this source, codenamed "Maxy", the next Windows release will offer more customization options than before, one of which is the ability to re-size the Live Tiles on the Modern UI interface. This means consumers will be able to expand their favorite tiles, giving them more virtual real estate than those less frequently used.

Unfortunately, that's it for anything fresh and new. As previously reported, Microsoft is shooting for yearly Windows updates for a low price rather than wait every three or four years to release an upgrade. The company has already shown that it's willing to take on this low-priced model by testing the $40 waters with the latest Windows 8 Pro upgrade.

Microsoft's "Windows Blue" scheme will reportedly begin late summer / early fall 2013 with the next desktop and mobile OS release. It will either be offered at a very low price point, or completely free to ensure that all Microsoft customers upgrade to the latest platform. Keep in mind that offering a cheap or free upgrade means most consumers may jump at the chance, thus making the overall Windows platform more secure and less fragmented.

As for the upgrade numbering system, there are reports that the next big release will be Windows 9. But there's a good chance Microsoft will revert back to the days of Windows 3.x and make the desktop release Windows 8.1 and the mobile release Windows Phone 8.1. Regardless, consumers will need a legitimate copy of both before upgrading to the 2013 release – those updating from a pirated copy will see their apps and the Windows Store itself cease functioning.

For the record, eWeek's source claims to be alpha testing "Windows 9 dev" so maybe Microsoft will stick to whole numbers for each yearly release while possible service packs will bump the current platform up a decimal – who knows at this point. This source also reports that the desktop will remain intact in the next release (yay), but will be "flattened" to better mesh with the Modern UI overlay. A new kernel (6.3) will also be used, the source said.

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  • Supercrit
    Well then Windows 7 will last longer than XP.
    Can't MS notice that people use keyboard and mouse instead of touchscreen in office? People also want to tweak their OS to their own taste, not restricted to a rigid style.
  • dormantreign
    Well then, i'm 32 years old right now, i guess windows 7 will be my last OS.
  • DryCreamer
    I got not problems with the new Windows...

  • Azn Cracker
    waiting for windows 9
  • NewbieTechGodII
    Not sure what 'flattened' means since Win8 eliminated Aero and other visual gimmicks. AFAIK, one can already resize tiles in the Metro (never will I say 'ModernUI') Start screen. I don't believe all tiles are resizable, but most are. The only thing I can think of is that they mean user-installed (not Store), apps can be resized.

    Not having any real issues with Win8 at all; personally, I spend 99.999% of my time in the Desktop and frankly can't understand why people always gotta bitch and complain.
  • p05esto
    dark days these are, MS my fav tech company is losing it and fast.
  • nukemaster
    Can they "flatten" the desktop more then they did with Win8? I think not. its quite flat to be honest.

    I would not mind being able to use an image(due to the tile size) for non Windows Store programs.
  • abbadon_34
    First everything had to be 3d, then hd, now back to 2d, next would have to holograms or back to dos
    Looks like I'll be buying Start9. FML
  • DirectXtreme
    While tablets are certainly popular, they still aren't as ubiquitous as a desktop or a laptop. Microsoft needs to wake up and realize that tablets haven't completely taken over the PC industry yet. If they are going to continue to be stubborn and refuse to reintegrate the Start Menu into Windows, then I will no longer purchase operating systems from them. Windows is going from life without walls to life within walls seeing as how there's now an app store... I'm pretty sure that Microsoft will lock down its OS even more as the years pass until it becomes nearly indistinguishable from iOS other than the GUI. Unless you change your ways, it's been nice knowing you Microsoft. I'll probably look towards Linux as an alternative once support for Windows 7 ends.