Windows Store Hits Milestone of 100,000 Apps

The Windows Store launched a little under a year and a half ago and this week, it hit a pretty big milestone. Microsoft announced via Twitter today that the Windows Store has hit 100,000 applications.


When the Windows 8 launched, the Windows Store had just 9,000 applications. At the six month mark, the store had amassed just over 50,000 applications. By the beginning of June of this year, that figure was confirmed to be at around 80,000. In the month since then, which included Microsoft's own Build developer conference, Microsoft added nearly 10,000 more applications, finally hitting the magic 100,000 figure today (compared to yesterday's 99,608 applications).

When you compare it to Apple's Mac App Store, Microsoft comes out pretty favorably. Apple started accepting submissions to its desktop app store in November of 2010, but to date is estimated to have just over 15,000 applications available for users to download.

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  • static1120
    Windows Is doing good and I hope It keeps up the good work
    I got my windows phone about 3 months ago and I had not visited the Microsoft store until 2 days ago... I was amazed to find many more professional apps :D
  • daswilhelm
    just got my first windows phone. lumia 822. love everything about it, except it randomly shutsdown when not touched for an hour or so. google tells me this might be a WP8 issue. so now im stuck deciding whether to keep this phone, or switch to android...
  • Azn Cracker
    I just got a surface rt and i don't really like it. Does it just take some getting used to? I used my cousins android tablet and i like it even though i don't own one.