Blizzard Announces 4th WoW Expansion: Mists of Pandaria

As hard as it may be to believe, Blizzard is really making a Pandaren-based expansion to World of Warcraft. Rumors have been floating around for quite some time, but now it's official. Dubbed the Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's fourth expansion promises to bring many new changes to the game.

Things to come:

  • New playable race, Pandaren
  • New continent, Pandaria
  • New Monk class
  • 90 level cap
  • Dungeon system changes
  • Pet Battle System
  • Talent system revamp

For more details on the latest expansion, head on over to the game's site here. What are your thoughts on the new expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.
  • hokkdawg
    Kind of stopped playing WoW about 1 week after Cata...
  • Arkive
    If this is what has been pushing Diablo 3 back, somebody's going to have to pay...
  • AbdullahG
  • crewton
    I'd play a pokemon mmo :P just not one inside of WoW.
  • World of Warcraft: Kung Fu Panda 3
  • bejabbers
    What a load of bull.... this is the crap blizzard is putting their resources into when they should be putting more effort into Diablo 3. Wow is old now.. it's time to put your efforts into new games, not trying desperately to hang onto your 7 year old crap. As it is, thanks to WoW, blizzard has screwed around with diablo more than the average diablo fan likes. Ugh, Blizzard is very quickly falling from the top of game developers.
  • rasagul
    I think they should have gone with penguins...
  • Ha they just Jumped the Shark. World Of Warcraft: Hello Panda Island Adventure
  • crinkdude
    What a load of crap
  • wildkitten
    I don't understand why so many people were in denial over Mists of Pandaria. It was the only thing Blizzard had trademarked so it was either this or no expansion next year.

    While I have my doubts on whether it may be a good idea to create content based on something that came into existance as an April Fool's joke years ago, I will hold judgement because much of Warcraft is tongue in cheek, so it could be ok. They were after all in WC3.

    The issue is this. Will Blizzard stop doing what they have done in Wrath and Cataclysm and actually put the Warcraft story back in WoW. For both these past expansions we have not gotten half the content they talked about during the beta's for them and instead gotten constant nerf/buff cycles as well as 'premium' items.

    If Blizzard puts the Warcraft story back into the game, I will seriously consider going back. But after nearly fours years and two expansions with little of the Warcraft story actually playing out in game, I won't hold my breath.

    I'm just hoping the conference call with shareholders in a couple of weeks will show some more bad news that may actually lead to Vivendi shaking up some management at Activision Blizzard. Kotick should never have been made CEO and the division would be much better off with Morjaime over it. I believe that would allow Blizzard to be able go back to being the Blizzard of old.