ZyXEL Intros 600 Mbps Powerline Networking Adapters

ZyXEL introduced on Tuesday a new family of powerline networking adapters capable of up to 600 Mbps speeds across a local electrical system. Called the PLA5200 series, these adapters come equipped with SmartLink Plus technology that counters performance drops due to noisy line conditions or when connected through a power strip.

"Consumers have come to appreciate the performance and simplicity of powerline networking devices," said Steven Joe, Executive Vice President, Channel Business for ZyXEL America. "With the addition of 600Mbps Powerline Adapters, ZyXEL continues to constantly raise the bar with better, faster, and more affordable solutions for our customers."

This solution works by plugging one adapter into an electrical outlet in one room, and the other adapter in another room up to 984 feet away. One of these connects to the network's router via a built-in Gigabit port while the other connects to the Ethernet port of a laptop, desktop or other wired device. This helps connect devices that are out of a wireless network's reach.

"The series overcomes most common interference with the SmartLink Plus technology by using the ground wire to bypass common noise sources to ensure better performance," the company said. "The PLA5215 adapters come with the convenience of a pass through plug to free up electrical outlets."

The adapters provide 128-bit Advanced Encryption Security (AES) to keep wired devices safe and secure, Quality of Service (ToS, up to 4-level type), and dynamic neighbor network support. They also offer superior power efficiency with a "Power-Saving Mode" that saves up to 80 percent on power consumption compared to adapters without this function.

ZyXEL is offering the adapters in two kits: the PLA5205KIT for $164.44 which contains two adapters, and the PLA5215KIT for $199.99 which includes two adapters and a pass through plug.

  • gruntlord6
    10998620 said:
    Interesting , the price is a bit high

    As far as I know they are the first to do this at 600mbps. The price will drop when adoption becomes more widespread.
  • DRosencraft
    Makes me feel a little bad about putting the cash down on my Zyxel 200Mbps models now... only a little.
  • r1Master
    Stop calling these things names which are meaningless lies... 600Mbps my foot.
  • TerryFawkes
    Finally some that will run at 200 Mbps, which is really 100Mbps duplex. :D Not sure why they OVER sale them at so horribly misleading speeds.