Acer's Bonkers New Gaming Chair Has Room for 3 Screens

Most gaming chairs are designed to make the user more comfortable by offering superior neck and back support, along with maybe an eye-catching design element or two. Acer's Predator Thronos is more than just a piece of passive furniture; it's a full-fledged battle station that looks like it came straight from a video arcade or a 1990s cyberpunk movie. The 1.5-meter tall structure has a mount for up to three, 27-inch gaming monitors, along with a space for your Predator desktop PC.

Today at IFA Berlin, Acer announced and demoed the Predator Thronos, but the company did not provide pricing or availability details so we have no idea what markets will get it and for how much.  

The body of the Thronos is made from a sleek, black steel and has white or blue accents that match the aesthetic Acer uses on its Predator desktops and laptops. The chair reclines a full 140 degrees and features a built-in foot rest. 

Acer says that the seat also vibrates, based on what happens to you in games. No word yet on which games will support this feedback.

As innovative as the Thronos seems, it's not the first chair to incorporate built-in monitors. A company called MWE Lab makes a chair called the Emperor, which starts at $5,305 and has mounts for three monitors also. However, the Thronos appears to have a uniquely game-centric look and feel that sounds promising.

Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch is Tom's Hardware's editor-in-chief. When he's not playing with the latest gadgets at work or putting on VR helmets at trade shows, you'll find him rooting his phone, taking apart his PC or coding plugins. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram developed many real-world benchmarks, including our laptop battery test.
  • stdragon
    That thing is a battle/flight sim player's wet dream!

    For the young generation - you have no idea how good you have it. We are truly living in the gilded age of gaming where it's never been before!
  • rantoc
    Bonkers - The sound of the head when smashing against the sides, or when a screen gets loose =)
  • vern72
  • J_E_D_70
    I would attach swords and call it the Iron Thronos.
  • newzecht
    just buy it!