Acer to Launch Touch-enabled PCs for Windows 7

Thanks to the touch interface technologies included in Windows 7, we'll likely be seeing a far greater number of touch-enable computers hitting the market.

Acer, now among the top three biggest computer makers in the world, plans to launch three touch-based computers alongside Windows 7. Digitimes cites Acer project manager Shih Hung-wu as saying that touch-enabled netbooks could serve as cheaper alternatives to tablet PCs.

Acer is also said to be looking into in-cell touch panel technology, which builds the touch sensitive components directly on the LCD. Such a technology would be cheaper than the ones layered on top of screens and are easier to apply to new products. Expect many new product announcements for around the time of Windows 7's launch.

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  • haunted one
  • 08nwsula
    now I'll just need to drop one into a coffee table and have the coolest htpc around.
  • coopchennick
    As far as a desktop setup goes, I think a mouse and keyboard is way more convenient.

    The only reason that HP touch desktop thing is around is because is so COOL!