Adata Releases XPG DDR3-2600 Gaming Memory

Adata has released a new top-model in its XPG Gaming V2.0 DDR3 memory lineup. This is a 16 GB kit that has two modules of 8 GB of 2,600 MHz DDR3 memory. The memory modules, as the name indicates, is targeted towards gamers and enthusiasts.

The DIMMs have timings of CL11-13-13-35. They also run on a higher voltage of 1.65 V. In order to make the 2,600 MHz clock speed attainable, Adata has included support for the 1.3 release of the XMP (Extreme Memory Profile).

The units are also covered by a big heat spreader, which should make the units run more stable and cool. The heat spreaders are fastened firmly with two screws.

So far there has been no word on official MSRP pricing or availability.

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  • wolley74
    "Gaming" RAM... Riiiiiiight
  • Stimpack
    Get your gaming pants on, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Soda-88
    You mean video rendering RAM?