Adata's New Flagship, The GAMMIX S11 SM2262 NVMe SSD

Adata announced the XPG GAMMIX S11. This is the successor to the GAMMIX S10 and the new flagship NVMe SSD from Adata. The new drive shares performance specifications with the SX8200 that was released just a week ago (and was the winner of a Tom's Hardware CES award).

The Silicon Motion, Inc SM2262 controller is poised to make a big splash this summer. The controller has already made an impact on the market when it was released in the Intel 760p. More companies plan to release products using the same high-speed, low-cost design. The design is so good that Adata has released a second SSD with the SM2262 before we've even had a chance to look at the XPG SX8200.

Adata tells us the GAMMIX S11 version with a heat sink runs up to 10C cooler than the naked SX8200. Users can benefit from the cooling when installing or transferring large amounts of data to the drive. The cooler eliminates or prolongs thermal throttling that slows the drive to keep the controller from overheating.

The SM2262 controller pairs with IMFT 64-layer 3D memory, delivering 3-bits per cell. The combination delivers up to 3,200 MB/s sequential read and 1,700 MB/s sequential write performance with Adata's custom firmware. Random performance tops 310,000 IOPS read and 280,000 IOPS write. Adata only listed performance for the large 960GB drive. The series also includes 480GB and 240GB models, but we expect lower performance in the smaller sizes.

There's no word on pricing and availability at this time from Adata ,but the GAMMIX S11 series ships with a lengthy five-year warranty.

SMI SM2262
SMI SM2262SMI SM2262
2-Package DDR3
2-Package DDR32-Package DDR3
Micron 64L 3D TLC
Micron 64L 3D TLCMicron 64L 3D TLC
Sequential Read
Up To 3,200 MB/s
Up To 3,200 MB/sUp To 3,200 MB/s
Sequential Write
Up To 1,700 MB/s
Up To 1,700 MB/sUp To 1,700 MB/s
Random Read
Up To 310,000 IOPS
Up To 310,000 IOPSUp To 310,000 IOPS
Random Write
Up To 280,000 IOPS
Up To 280,000 IOPSUp To 280,000 IOPS
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  • jaber2
    Is that a new name? I guess Gimmick wasn't available
  • alextheblue
    Anonymous said:
    Is that a new name? I guess Gimmick wasn't available

    It isn't even that bad. When it hits let the benches, features, and pricing do the talking. I generally lean towards Samsung Evo SSDs but sometimes there's some interesting competition.
  • PDallek
    I've had bad experiences with Adata's products, and even worse trying to deal with there useless warranties. I WON'T buy from them anytime in this lifetime!