Adobe Premier Pro Getting VR Video Editing Tools

Adobe revealed a host of new features that will soon be added to the Creative Cloud suite of applications that should make the lives of content creators a little bit easier, including new color enhancement tools and audio production tools. The feature that caught our eye, though is the virtual reality preview pane.

The new version of Creative Cloud will include an updated version of Premiere CC that features tools for working with VR (spherical) video files. You’ll be able to preview videos the way they would appear in a VR HMD right from your desktop monitor using “field of view” mode.

Creative Cloud

In terms of other features, you’ll have even easier access to the Adobe Stock asset library. Creative Cloud applications will have integrated access to not only use the content found in Adobe Stock, but you’ll have easier access to share your own assets in the market place. Adobe said that Lightroom and Adobe Bridge users will be able to contribute to the asset library directly from within the applications.

The upcoming version of Creative Cloud will also include the ability to start editing while importing video and audio files in the background. Adobe added enhanced Lumetri color tools that let you enhance the color setting of your video files. You can easily adjust the color of specific features in the video frames. The company demonstrated changing the color of a jacket in the following video.

Audition CC will soon include the Essential Sound panel that will let you adjust audio levels, including easily normalizing your volume levels across clips. Adobe said this will help you mix audio properly without the need for an audio engineer.

Adobe built a new video and audio preview engine for the next update of Creative Cloud. Adobe said the result is “superior playback of cached frames,” which should allow for smoother previews of your content. The company also redesigned the Character Animator to simplify puppet animation.

The upcoming release will also include new proxy workflows that will make it easier to work with high bandwidth content such as 8K, HDR and HFR media files. Adobe said you’ll be able to switch between proxy and native workflows on the fly.

“There’s rapid change happening in the digital landscape with video now the fastest growing media type across social media platforms and OTT (over-the-top content) shaking up broadcast and film,” said Bryan Lamkin, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Media at Adobe.

Adobe released a series of videos, which you can find here, that have more information on the features that it will be adding to the Creative Cloud suite this summer.

Creative Cloud is available through a monthly subscription of $49.99. The updates will automatically be released to active subscribers.

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  • chicofehr
    I'm impressed that they would make it VR ready so soon. Adobe is usually slow to adapt to new stuff. They work slow like the movie industry which is still stuck in the early 20th century.
  • DavidGurney
    YAWN. Too bad, Adobe. You've driven people away with your software-RENTAL scam. Not going to pay every month to rent software that doesn't get fixed for DECADES. Look at the glaring defects in these products. Charging people monthly to fund gimmick features, while fundamental defects go unfixed, is OFFENSIVE.
  • DavidGurney
    Oh, and this BS: "OTT (over-the-top content)"

    NO. That's meaningless. Over the top OF WHAT? Talk about ignorant. When you don't have anything of substance to announce, just spew out some made-up terms and try to hype empty features that do nothing to eliminate glaring design flaws and bugs in your products. This is how out of touch Adobe is with its customers. If Adobe announced they'd spend a year doing NOTHING but fixing bugs, users would cheer and gratefully toil on with the current feature set.