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Advantech 3.5” SBC MIO-5393 Offers Intel 9th Gen CPUs

Side shot of the Mio-5393 board.
(Image credit: Advantech Co., Ltd.)

Squeezing a 9th Gen Intel Xeon/Core based computer into a package 5.78i by 4.01in (146 by 102 mm) is no small feat but Advantech who are a provider of IoT (Internet of Things) and embedded platforms have done just that and released the 3.5” SBC MIO-5393. 

To cut to the chase, this is not a “Raspberry Pi killer” the two boards are focused on different users and markets. The MIO-5393 is offered as a micro server / kiosk platform for industrial use or scenarios involving demanding environments, but this board could be easily used in the home if that were your wish.

The MIO-5393 comes in four configurations, each with a CPU ranging from an Intel 8th Gen Core i5 8400H to a Xeon E-2276ME. Each configuration can use up to 64GB of DDR4-2400 (ECC for the Xeon model) and thankfully RAM is easily upgraded by the user.

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(Image credit: Advantech Co., Ltd.)
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Top side of the MIO-5393 showing CPU, RAM and SATA ports

(Image credit: Advantech Co., Ltd.)
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Underside of the MIO-5393

(Image credit: Advantech Co., Ltd.)
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MIO-5393 Ports

(Image credit: Advantech Co., Ltd.)

Storage comes in the form of one PCIe 3.0 NVMe drive slot and two SATA III ports. Four USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports offer just enough ports for basic use. It is possible to connect up to three displays to the board, two via DisplayPort and HDMI and a third via a LVDS connector.  The Intel Gen 9 onboard graphics support up to 4096x2160 @ 30 Hz (HDMI), 4096x2304 @ 60Hz (DP) and 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz (LVDS).

As standard there is no wireless connectivity but there are two M.2 expansion slots which can be used with WiFi and 4G / LTE modules. Wired network connectivity is provided by two Gigabit Ethernet ports. An RS232/422/485 port is on hand in case an external serial connection is required. Audio is supplied via a Realtek ALC888S chipset, and instead of built in audio ports an audio cable is used to break out the connections from the board.

This is a lot of power for such a small board, and this is reflected in the price, which is available on request from Advantech.

  • domih
    Thank you for not including "Raspberry Pi" into the title.

    Alternate descriptionSmall form factor industrial board with Intel 4 to 6-core Xeon or Core.
    Pricing: from $1087 to $1545 depending on CPU and options (i.e. chipset, ECC).
    User must add memory (up to 64GB), PSU (12v, 4-pin CPU or alternate jack).
    1 x CAN bus, 2 x 8 Bit GPIO, 1 x I2C, 1 x SMBus, 1 x RS-232/422/485, enables integration with sensors, external systems for industrial applications.
    0 ~ 60° C operational temperature limits usage as car media system to countries with no cold winters and not too hot summers (unless integrated in AC compartment).
    Best usage: industrial, medical, signage, etc.
    Usage as Home HTPC or NAS or possible but you will spend $$$ on stuff you'll never use.