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Aerocool Unleashes its Dead-Silence DS200 Enclosure

The DS200 was originally displayed at Computex, but Aerocool has finally launched the enclosure for real. The enclosure stems from the design of the original DS gaming case, which was a Micro-ATX enclosure. This case is an ATX mid-tower, and thus will fit a bit more hardware and feature a more standard layout.

Graphics cards inside the case can be up to 290 mm long; however, if you remove the middle hard drive cage you can fit graphics cards up to 410 mm in length. For hard drives there is room for up to five 3.5-inch drives along with another two 2.5-inch drives. PSUs can measure up to 22 cm long, so that won't be a problem either. The case also has two 5.25-inch optical drive bays.

Silence is one of the case's biggest selling points. Its name even stems from it, as DS stands for Dead Silence. The case comes with a built-in fan controller capable of powering up to 25 W of fans split over three channels. It's not a lot compared to aftermarket fan controllers, but for most folks this is far more than adequate. Each channel has four speed settings, one of which is simply powering a channel down. For added silence the case comes with two tops: one with a closed design and the other with a mesh design. You can pick the top that suits your needs best, be that silence or cooling performance. Furthermore, the case comes packed with sound insulation material and a number of rubber grommets spread throughout the enclosure.

Front I/O is handled by a pair of USB 2.0 ports, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, along with the standard pair of HD audio jacks.

The case will come in a number of different versions. Color options include black, red, orange, black and white, blue, and green. All cases cost $163.90, except the black version, which costs $158.90. Aerocool has also revealed a so-called Lite edition of the case, which is a black version of the case that is missing a number of non-essential parts like the sound-isolation material and the middle hard drive cage. This one sells for $120.90.

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