HP Possibly Releasing Ultrabooks This Summer

While the details are scarce at this point, Taiwan-based part and component suppliers claim that HP will actually be the first to produce a mobile PC based on Intel's "ultrabook" concept, beating the Asus UX21 (seen right) to the market. The HP-branded ultrabooks will be manufactured by Foxconn and may even arrive sometime this summer.

According to unnamed sources, HP's upcoming ultra-slim notebooks will be packed with Intel's 1.7 GHz Core i7-2637M and 1.8 GHz Core i7-2677M dual-core processors. Windows 7 will also be the OS of choice. Other hardware and software specs were not provided.

During Computex 2011, Intel claimed that its tablet-like ultrabook design guidelines would dominate over 40-percent of the laptop market share within the next six to nine months. The form factor itself will supposedly be under 20-mm thick (0.8 inches) while the overall notebook will reside under the $1000 pricetag. The first wave of these super-slim notebooks will run on Intel's current Sandy Bridge processor platform, and then move to the Ivy Bridge platform next year.

"Many of the super-sleek devices today are quite pricey. The price points need to become more mainstream," Intel marketing chief Tom Kilroy told CNET. "And as volume ramps, say by the end of 2012, we think as much as 40 percent of the volume will be in this ultra category. And as the volume picks up, the price points will come down. And we think by 2013 with 'Haswell,' which is our system-on-a-chip implementation, you'll see ultrabooks in truly mainstream price points of $599."

As numerous manufacturers have tried to follow Apple's success by releasing tablets of their own, the ultrabook concept seems to follow Apple's lead by mimicking its MacBook Air design. Intel is hoping that the new blueprint will help ward off the ever-growing tablet segment from the notebook sector by offering tablet-like experiences but with laptop-like performance.

So far HP has not responded to the reports. However, the HP-branded ultrabooks are supposedly already completed and currently shipping off to the company for distribution.

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  • house70
    Yes, but it is an HP. I, for one, would rather wait a couple months and get an ASUS. I don't really care which comes out first.
  • AnUnusedUsername
    HP needs to revive voodooPC. They made what was essentially an "ultrabook" as their last product several years ago, and I'd love to see similarly high-quality product with more modern components. Hp branded systems with voodoo slapped on as a sidenote just dont have the same "oomph" as a new voodoo system.
  • LuckyDucky7
    No DVD drive?

    Thanks, but I'll pass. The only notebook like this that I want is a ThinkPad X300/X301 since that's the only ultralight notebook I know that has that option.

    Because I'm not lugging an external drive around with a notebook that slick.

    Practically speaking, though, a laptop without a DVD drive is hardly a laptop at all.

    Unfortunately, form is secondary to function in my mind, and that's why I don't see these things selling par Intel's projections. I need a DVD drive to do what I want to do with my laptop, like watch the odd movie and install software quickly instead of using Steam to download 8 GB of files.

    Plus, why bother with that when you can get a tablet that does the same thing for the same price? I'd see something like this taking off if you could fold the computer like you do a traditional tablet PC, but other than that I don't think this is a super great innovation.

    And I can see that thing breaking very very easily, by a wayward foot stepping on it. I don't think that's a great quality in a new piece of tech like this.