Amazon Doles Out $50 Credit To HD DVD Buyers

Seattle (WA) - has announced that it will offer a $50 store credit to anyone who bought an HD DVD player from the online store before February 23.

The move mimicks a service offered by Best Buy earlier this year, automatically sending out a $50 gift card to those who purchased an HD DVD player. sent out an e-mail to affected customers with a $50 promotion code, which is valid through April 9, 2009. Consumers received a $50 credit for every HD DVD player they purchased, up to 10 for a maximum credit of $500.

"New technologies don't always work out as planned. We at value our customer relationships more than anything," said Amazon in the e-mail.

In addition to Amazon and Best Buy, Circuit City and Wal-Mart have also begun offering special refund policies for HD DVD players.