AMD announces Mobile Sempron 3000+

Sunnyvale (CA) - Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) expanded its Mobile Sempron processor family with a higher performing model and integrated EVP anti virus technology.

The new processor targets thin and light notebooks and, steps up the performance bar in its segment. The chip is clocked with 1.8 GHz and integrates 64 kByte on-chip instruction and 64 kByte data cache for a total of 128 kByte L1 cache. The chip also carries 384 kByte L2 cache.

As the other members of the Sempron series, the 3000+ is equipped with AMD's version of "no-execute" or "nx" technology, which AMD calls "Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP)". The tech is designed to protect computer systems against buffer overflow attacks and to work in conjunction with Windows XP SP2.

New notebook PCs based on the Mobile AMD Sempron processor 3000+ are expected from Packard Bell and Gericom in time for the holiday shopping season. The chip is priced at $134 in 1000-unit tray quantities and is shipping in volume at this time, AMD said in a statement.