AMD Epyc Embedded 3000-Series Revamped With Configurable TDPs

AMD EPYC Embedded Processor

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AMD has made a few changes to the its Epyc Embedded 3000 CPUs, which debuted in 2018, as ServeTheHome reported this week. 

The Epyc Embedded 3000-series (codename Snowy Owl) are power-optimized versions of the standard Epyc chips that are targeted toward the embedded market. Unlike their counterparts, the embedded processors come with fewer core counts and significantly lower TDP (thermal design power) ratings.

Snowly Owl is based on AMD's first-generation Zen microarchitecture and GlobalFoundries' 14nm manufacturing process. Epyc Embedded 3000 chips come in either single-die or dual-die configurations. The first supports 512GB of DDR4 RAM and 32 PCIe 3.0 lanes, while the latter doubles those figures. 

One of the more noteworthy features on the new Epyc Embedded 3451, 3351 and 3255 is the configurable TDP. Instead of a fixed TDP, AMD is giving its clients the liberty to tweak the processor's TDP according to their needs. The Epyc Embedded 3451, 3351 and 3255 has a configurable TDP between 80W to 100W, 60W to 80W and 25W to 55W, respectively.

AMD Epyc Embedded 3000 Series Specifications

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ModelCores / ThreadsBase Clock (GHz)All-Core Boost Clock (GHz)Max Boost Clock (GHz)L3 Cache (MB)MemoryPCIe 3.0Junction Temp RangeTDP (W)Infrastructure
AMD Epyc Embedded 345116 / 322.142.453.0032Quad DDR4-2666640 - 10580 - 100SP4
AMD EpycEmbedded 335112 / 241.902.753.0032Quad DDR4-2666640 - 10560 - 80SP4
AMD Epyc Embedded 32558 / 162.503.103.1016Dual DDR4-266632-40 - 10525 - 55SP4r2
AMD Epyc Embedded 32518 / 162.503.103.1016Dual DDR4-2666320 - 10555SP4r2
AMD Epyc Embedded 32018 / 81.503.103.1016Dual DDR4-2133320 - 9530SP4r2
AMD Epyc Embedded 31514 / 82.702.902.9016Dual DDR4-2666320 - 9545SP4r2
AMD Epyc Embedded 31014 / 42.102.902.908Dual DDR4-2666320 - 9535SP4r2

AMD Epyc Embedded 3451 and 3351

The Epyc Embedded 3401 and 3301 are no longer in the lineup. The former has 16 cores, while the latter has 12 cores, and neither have simultaneous multithreading. AMD has replaced the chips with the new Epyc Embedded 3451 and 3351, respectively.

The Epyc Embedded 3451 has 16 cores, 32 threads and 32MB of L3 cache. The processor comes with a 2.14 GHz base clock and a 2.45 GHz all-core boost clock. 

On the other hand, the EPYC Embedded 3351 sports 12 cores, 24 threads and a 32MB L3 cache. This model ticks with a 1.90 GHz base clock and 2.75 GHz all-core boost clock.

Both the Epyc Embedded 3451 and 3351 feature a dual-die design, meaning they use the SP4 package instead of the SP4r2 package on the single-die models. The main benefit of a dual-die setup is the ability to supply more features. In comparison to the single-die SKUs, the Epyc Embedded 3451 and 3351 support up to four channels of DDR4-2666 memory and deliver up to 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes.

AMD Epyc Embedded 3255

AMD also added the Epyc Embedded 3255 to its arsenal. It arrives with eight cores, 16 threads and 16MB of L3 cache. The processor runs with a 2.5 GHz base clock and 3.1 GHz all-core boost clock. AMD designed the Epyc Embedded 3255 especially for industrial applications as the processor can operate within a junction temperature (TJ) range of -40 - 105 degrees Celsius.

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