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AMD Kaveri APU to Push Envelope for Budget Mobile Gaming

AMD has shown off the mobile version of its Kaveri APU, and is looking to give budget mobile gaming a bit of a boost. AMD earlier this week announced that it would be bringing its Kaveri APU to mobile. The Kaveri line is designed as a budget integrated graphics solution. AMD already has 4K support and improved HD video playback.

AMD claims that their A10-7300 mobile chips substantially outperform Intel’s i5-4200U Haswell, which typically sit closer to the midrange for notebooks. They’ll also be adding plenty of convenient features including gesture control and facial recognition. AMD’s TrueAudio will also use beamforming and noise cancellation to clear-up raw microphone input. All of this is built into the APU, optimizing audio performance without having to rely on additional software.

In more practical tests, AMD is also boasting huge performance gains in things as mundane as decoding JPEG files or using Photoshop. The former comes with an 80% boost and the latter with 400% over an Intel Core i5. All without using too much juice.

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