Deal: Pickup Core i7's for Less than Core 2's

Browsing through online retailers for the latest prices on CPUs, we came across some good prices on the latest AMD and Intel offerings.


For example, a quick run over to PriceGrabber looking for Core i7 CPUs, lands us with some attractive figures. You can pick up a quad core Intel Core i7 920 for around $$279 but buying a quad core Core 2 Q9650 will set you back $324.99 at the same retailer. Likewise, you can also pick up an AMD Phenom II X4 940 quad core for less than $235.

At this point, if you're looking for parts for a brand new system, a Core i7 or Phenom II would be the way to go. There's no sense still picking up a quad-core Core 2 system when prices are the way they're going. If you're looking to build a budget system or one for HTPC duties, a Core 2 Duo would be a good bargain as well.

Prices above are what we found at the time of this article.

If you're building a high end gaming rig today, which would you vouch for? The latest Phenom II or the latest Core i7? Or skip a PC altogether and go for a console?

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  • tayb
    The CPU hasn't really been what makes Core i7 expensive. All the additional cost with the motherboard and triple channel ram drives the price up.
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  • cheepstuff
    it's so weird. an 8-thread cpu cheeper than a 4-thread c2d? the 920 is even more OCable than the other C2D's.
  • megabuster
    Why buy Core2Quad? Well Q9400@4Ghz for $207.00 at eWiz = gaming performance of i7 920@4Ghz but runs much cooler and DDR2+p45 mobo much cheaper setup.
  • Claimintru
    Core2Quad is better for backwards compatibility and single threaded apps by far.