AMD: Some Phenoms Delayed To Q2, Some Pulled Into Q1

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD has clarified its desktop processor introduction plans late Friday, following media reports that certain Phenom CPUs would be delayed.

According to information provided by AMD today, Phenom 9700 and 9900 processors are in fact delayed and are now expected to be introduced in the second quarter and not in the first. The company noted that this decision was made "based on OEM input". As a result, AMD intends to "prioritize volume-based Phenom products", which not only include the already launched Phenom 9500 and 9600, but also the triple-core versions of the CPU as well as lower-power (65 watt) 9000e models, which originally were scheduled for a second quarter introduction.

AMD spokesman Jake Whitman said that AMD's "OEM customers are placing more priority on our energy-efficient and triple-core processors, where the volumes and ability to differentiate products take precedence over the more prestigious, but much lower volume, higher performance quad-core products."